Rick Etchells Presents: Untold Tales of Sherlock Holmes

Our very own Rick Etchells gave an exciting and interesting presentation titled Untold Tales of Sherlock Holmes, which covered cases Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never got around to writing. All of our members had nothing but accolades for the presentation, and we look forward to hearing from Rick again very soon!

Ryan Maye Handy Presents: Was Sherlock Holmes a Woman?

The presentation “Was Sherlock Holmes a Woman?” was presented by Ryan Maye Handy, who deserves full marks for a brilliant delivery last night. She successfully navigated the fine lines involved in presenting a controversial topic to a mixed audience. It was fascinating and well-received.

Brian Clarke Presents: Holmes v. Brown

Please take the time to view Brian’s excellent presentation on Holmes vs Brown, a comparison of the men, their methods, and their meaning. It’s quite the presentation!

Sherlock Holmes & Wine

Robert gave an excellent presentation of Wine that was mentioned throughout the Canon, as well as providing us some wine to taste ourselves! Click below to view the presentation.